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My most popular presentation! Learn the science behind how human beings make decisions in the workplace so that you can harness the power of relationships to get more done. We’ll review my five principles of navigating the human workplace. This one is a crowd pleaser, receiving the highest marks at every event it’s been presented at!

No one will ever turn down extra money in their paychecks or additional resources. But if you want real employee engagement, you have to connect with people on a human level. This presentation will teach you highly practical tips and tricks based on how are brain is hardwired to work that will help you increase morale, productivity, creativity, and create a culture your people love coming to work in every day.

They say that constraints breed innovation. And, lets be honest…most of those constraints come from the people you work with rather than a lack of budget or time. This inspiring talk will teach you about how to take control of your perspective to seize opportunities, effectively navigate change, and build alignment and buy-in around your initiatives.

We’ve all heard the saying “you don’t quit your organization – you quit your manager.” This presentation will make sure that never applies to you and teach you everything you need to know about managing people from a human perspective. We’ll review my proven management framework – Adapt, Communication, Empower, Support – and discuss how to begin applying it immediately to motivate your team and drive productivity and innovation.

Finding your zen at work means being present in the moment, remaining open to possibilities, looking for opportunities instead of dwelling in conflict, and focusing internally to be successful. Learn how to find balance, perspective, and reduce your overall stress levels at work.

Anyone with any title at any level in any function can be a leader. This session will teach you how to grow your leadership muscle by first understanding what your innate leadership style is, and then applying it through a highly practical framework that will fit for any job. You’ll learn how to rally the people you work with around a common goal, even if they don’t report to you, when to speak out versus when to seek counsel and collaborate, how to create buy-in for your vision from stakeholders across the organization, and what to do to inspire your colleagues to see the plan through to reality.

DISC is a magical tool that teaches teams how to communicate and operate more effectively. I’ll work with you to integrate DISC into your culture in a way that will increase your team’s productivity 20-30%.


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Karlyn Borysenko is the force behind Zen Workplace. An organizational psychologist and executive/performance coach, she helps individuals find greater happiness and fulfillment in their professional lives, and works with organizations to help create amazing environments for their teams that drive productivity.

Karlyn’s approach is grounded in organizational and positive psychology, and mindfulness techniques applied in a highly practical way. She holds an MBA and a PhD in Psychology, is an experienced trainer and facilitator, author, and award-winning speaker. She is based in the greater Boston area and serves clients all over the world.

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