Jasson Finney

Speech Topics

High-performance athletes know they need a healthy mind, body and spirit to achieve peak performance. In this talk Jasson demonstrates how using the same types of skills, training methods and techniques that athletes use, you will take your team, staff, and business to a higher level of success.

Points of discussion include:

·         Improved Time Management

·         Better Communication

·         Less Stress and Anxiety

·         Productivity

·         Happy & Healthier workplace


In this talk Jasson draws on parallels between an organization’s teams and competitive sports teams to show how to maximize performance and success.  A Business Athlete must be a great individual player in order to perform at high levels and offer their best effort to the team. This means that individual skills must be developed and practiced on a regular basis in order to contribute to the group. Every team is made up of specific positions that must be filled with its players. A winning team always has the right players in the right positions.

In this talk, you will embark upon a life changing journey that will pave the road to the new you or find the old one you have been looking for.  Whether you are looking to “Take Back Your Life” personally or professionally or both, you’ll be inspired by  these proven methods that will help you find and go beyond the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your goals.  Jasson will empower, encourage and entice you to live the life you want.


Jasson Finney has created the possibility of everyone living a fit and healthy life that includes regular exercise, good nutrition and inspiring thoughts that lead to empowering actions. His talks and sessions take your team, staff or business to a higher level of success by applying the same techniques, skills and philosophies that make champion athletes.

Jasson has been a trainer for the last twenty years all over North America helping people invent new ways of living a powerful life. He is an active television actor, radio host, a certified personal trainer, and a former strength and conditioning coach with the University of Nebraska’s swimming and diving teams.

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