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Will artificial intelligence (AI) ultimately dominate the human race? Or will it improve our lives and enhance the way we do business? Join internationally recognized author, CEO, and network TV news commentator Jamie Turner as he takes you on a whirlwind tour of what AI is and how it can be put to use by your organization to both grow revenues and improve employee productivity.


Have you ever bought something on impulse and then realized you didn’t really need it? Of course you have. We all have. Research shows that there are certain techniques the world’s most successful businesses use to get you to buy more of their stuff. Interested in learning how to put them to use for your business? Then let internationally recognized author, CEO and network TV news commentator Jamie Turner show you how.


Traditional TV viewership is declining rapidly. Worse yet, 25% of all smartphones have ad blockers installed. Given all the changes in the marketing landscape, the question is — how can brands connect with consumers in the post advertising era? The good news is that there is a solution and brands like Red Bull, Starbucks, and Lego are using it every day. Join internationally recognized author, CEO, and network TV news commentator Jamie Turner as he shares how the world’s most successful organizations are building bridges between their brands and their consumers.

What do the world’s best leaders know that you should know, too? Internationally recognized author, CEO, and network TV news contributor Jamie Turner has done extensive research on the subject of persuasion and has developed a thought-provoking, inspirational speech that will provide audience members the tools they need to lead those around them. If you’re looking to inspire your event attendees with a fun, engaging speech that will improve their leadership skills, then this speech is for you.


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Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and network TV news contributor who has helped The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T and other global brands tackle complex business problems.

He is the co-author of Go Mobile, which was the #1 best-selling mobile marketing book on Amazon when it was first released, and How to Make Money with Social Media, which is now in its second edition. He is a regular guest on national network news on the topics of business, digital media and leadership. And he’s the CEO of the 60 Second Marketer, a business blog that is read by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

Jamie has been profiled in the world’s best-selling marketing textbook, is an adjunct instructor at Emory University, and is an internationally recognized keynote speaker at trade shows, events and corporations around the globe.

You can follow Jamie on Twitter @AskJamieTurner and via his blog on the 60 Second Marketer.

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