Emma Sky

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As much as America would like to pivot away from the Middle East, it gets sucked back in. ISIS and refugees are not contained in the region. Emma explains what drives insecurity in the region; US key interests; and why President Trump is popular there.

Emma explains the reasons for the 2003 invasion of Iraq; why Iraq disintegrated into civil war; the successes and failure of US policies; and how the war brought to an end Pax Americana.

Emma explains the circumstances that enabled ISIS to rise up and take over substantial territory in both Iraq and Syria; the efforts to defeat ISIS; and the challenges to preventing its next incarnation.


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Emma Sky is the author of The Unraveling: High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq, which was one of the New York Times 100 notable books of 2015, and Shortlisted for the 2016 Council on Foreign Relations Arthur Ross Prize, the 2016 Orwell Prize and the 2015 Samuel Johnson Prize for Nonfiction. She is also the Director of World Fellows, Yale’s premier international leadership program; and a Senior Fellow at Yale’s Jackson Institute where she teaches Middle East politics and global affairs.

Emma was made an Officer of the British Empire for her work in the Middle East. She served as advisor to the Commanding General of US Forces in Iraq from 2007-2010; as advisor to the Commander of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan in 2006; as advisor to the US Security Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process in 2005; and as Governorate Coordinator of Kirkuk for the Coalition Provisional Authority, 2003-2004.

Emma is a regular speaker in the US and internationally on the Middle East; global affairs; terrorism; leading a life of purpose; and resilience, and she is a regular commentator in the media on the situation in the Middle East, particularly Iraq and Syria, and ISIS.

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