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How do you inspire people to be more open to differences, to see the value of a diverse workforce and to embrace the shared bond of humanity?

Eileen Sinett will touch on the difference between diversity as a “good idea” vs. diversity as a way of doing business. Learn why embracing diversity goes beyond culture, race, gender, age and religion. It’s about becoming more aware of unconscious prejudice, filters, bias, and privilege.

Find out how to enhance both your personal and business model’s diversity of thought. Eileen will highlight “next-level” communications, specifically how to really listen and how to ask the right questions. These underutilized tools have the power to bridge cultures and create an environment of inclusiveness.

Learning Objectives:

• Personal and business awareness of filters, beliefs and attitudes on diversity

• Examples of diversity as a competitive advantage

• Communication tools to drive diversity.


Great leaders recognize their strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses.

If you believe you, or members of your team, lack the critical skills needed to effectively communicate to those inside and outside your organization, we can tailor-make a speech and communication solution specific to your needs.

As a leader in your organization, you may possess a clear vision of where your company is heading and what you want to accomplish; but without the skills to effectively communicate your vision to those who will ultimately carry it out, your goals will be hard, if not impossible, to achieve.

The broad objective of each coaching engagement is to enhance the ongoing development of senior leaders in critical roles by improving performance and accelerating individual development. Developing trust between the leader (“Participant”) and the coach is paramount.

Executive Speech Coaching is always a personalized process designed to support each leader’s speaking, listening and writing skills. Working from a strategic, results-oriented approach that incorporates client-identified needs, coaching may involve the development of skills to improve communications to senior management, present effectively at board meetings, foster persuasiveness and enhance engagement.

Like an actor auditioning for a role in a play or film, a presentation provides you with an opportunity to win over and persuade your audience that you’re perfect for the part.

Sometimes a presentation uses “props” – slides, physical objects – while at other times the only prop employed might just be you. In either case, the first step in creating a winning presentation is preparation.

But preparation means much more than knowing your facts or having a script at hand, for come the time of your presentation, your delivery must be confident and credible, and keep any self-doubt or performance anxiety you might have at bay. You must understand the needs and expectations of your audience, be self-aware and present in the moment, and be fully aware of the environment in which your presentation will be delivered.

Today’s corporations are increasingly filled with talented professionals with diverse language and cultural backgrounds.

Many of these individuals, including programmers, statisticians and technology experts, speak English as a second language and are used to working “behind the scenes.” And while confident when communicating their expertise to their peers or direct management within the organization, they often feel less secure and comfortable communicating outside their work groups.

Such employees have significant contributions to make, yet as companies increasingly request their participation and communication inter-departmentally and remotely, many often feel disadvantaged as equal contributors – especially when making presentations or participating in virtual meetings. While operating effectively in these formats may be of concern for many individuals, they appear to cause greater anxiety in the multilingual population.

Yes. Globalization and technology have created a growing need to facilitate communication comfort and improvement for many multicultural professionals – and it is precisely why Speaking that Connects offers customized training programs for companies seeking to strengthen the communication capabilities of their multi-lingual employees.

Participants will realize they are more frequently understood, with significantly fewer requests for repetition or clarification. And they will feel more confident understanding others.

The benefits are manifold: greater contribution during meetings, enhanced team interaction and collaboration, more effective and confident presentations. The overall results include improved employee performance, enhanced business and personal relationships and increased productivity.

This keynote is available as a workshop as well…

4 Points of Connection:
This is a workshop for multicultural professionals whose pronunciation compromises their presentation effectiveness. This is not an ESL curriculum but a Presentation Training Program that includes pronunciation support to ensure audience understanding and presentation success.

Public Speaking… It fills you with fear and anxiety. Yet with a little direction and practice, it’s so simple to overcome.

How do you feel when you’re in a conversation with a friend or business associate? Chances are, you feel natural and comfortable. After all, you’re a human being, which means that you, like most of us, were given the gift of speech.

But speaking one-to-one is different from speaking to groups. Because public speaking requires different skills than conversation, and because few of us ever received training when we most needed it, it’s logical that you would feel uncomfortable.

Eileen Sinett provides the techniques and inspiration to take your natural-born gift of speech and use it with confidence whenever it’s “your turn” to speak in public.

You will learn the “Thinking, Doing, and Being” process of presentation excellence. With supportive guidance and a step by step process, you efficiently organize your message, maximize your physical presence and experience the satisfaction of being comfortable in your own skin, having your voice and connecting with your audience.


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A gifted cross-cultural communication facilitator, Eileen Sinett’s humanistic, engaging and respectful approach empowers communication-hesitant, technical and introverted multicultural professionals to speak up, ask for clarity, and express opinions openly and authentically.

Trained as a speech pathologist, Sinett brings a scientific orientation to the art of presentation and public speaking. Her own motivational speeches are conscious, fun and transformational.

Eileen Sinett is a sought-after speaker and the author of Speaking that Connects. She facilitates transformation in her clients’ lives, enabling them to develop, improve and perfect their individual communication styles and skills.

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