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From 1985-2000, award-winning photographer Doug Menuez had unprecedented insider access to document Steve Jobs and the greatest innovators of the digital revolution as they built the technology that shapes our world today. Menuez shares rare photos from his book Fearless Genius with eyewitness stories relevant to today’s entrepreneurs and companies seeking to inspire teams. Tracking the rise of personal computers and the internet to the collapse of the dot-com bubble, Menuez reveals the human side of tech: the great sacrifices, tragic failures and mind-blowing successes of the brilliant entrepreneurs, engineers and investors who sparked an explosion of innovation that created more jobs and wealth than ever before.

Menuez addresses challenges that innovators face today regarding diversity, education, shortages of engineers and unfilled STEM jobs, and the need for long-term funding for hard science and tough problems. A new wave of amazing technology is coming – sensors, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, genomics, nanotech and more, plus the possibility of the Singularity – if anything is possible in the future, how can we catch the wave to the next revolution and design the best possible future?

The people Menuez photographed lived their lives with meaning and purpose. They were on a mission. Ultimately, Fearless Genius is not about technology but what you’d be willing to give up to find your mission and accomplish your dreams.


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Documentary photographer Doug Menuez once stood at the North Pole, crossed the Sahara, had tea with Svetlana Stalin and held a chunk of Einstein’s brain. Quitting his blues band in 1981, he began his career freelancing for TimeLIFENewsweekFortune, the New York Times Magazine and many other publications. He’s published four books, was featured in nine Day in the Life books, and has won numerous awards. His advertising campaigns include Chevrolet, Nikon, GE, Chevron, HP and Microsoft. His extensive archive of over a million images was acquired by Stanford University Libraries in 2004. His latest book, Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley 1985-2000 from Simon & Schuster/Atria Books, received global viral press coverage and is now in production as a documentary and web series. Selected images are traveling worldwide as a fine art exhibition of Silicon Valley’s greatest innovators, including Steve Jobs, as they changed the world.

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