David Kuehler

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Why are some innovation teams successful at getting their ideas to market and others aren’t? And why do some cultures of innovation thrive while others flounder? After spending over 10,000 hours working with innovation teams at some of the world’s leading companies, David discovered the answer doesn’t lie with the latest innovation process. Rather, it resides uniquely with leadership. This talk focuses on the three key behaviors he’s developed, alongside top business leaders, that promotes creative thinking, highly engaged employees, and in-market results. This talk will include: personal stories, industry examples, and a new leadership tool that participants can immediately apply to their own organizations.

For years, reporters, innovation gurus, and business leaders have asked the same question: “How does P&G’s Clay Street Project create breakthrough ideas that lead to new products and services year after year?”

This talk provides an inside look at the Clay Street’s unique approach: from framing a challenge, selecting and nurturing a team, consumer learning, idea generation, decision making, working with leadership, and successfully moving ideas through the business process to market


David Kuehler is an expert at building high performing cultures of innovation. He is the founder of the Clay Street Project, an award-winning innovation program, at Procter & Gamble and is recognized for delivering outstanding results at P&G, Mattel, Sundance and Disney where he instilled the importance of design and human-led innovation throughout the business process. An entrepreneurial thinker, writer and speaker, David works with organizations across the globe on leading innovation in the new workplace. His ideas and contributions in the fields of innovation, creativity, leadership and organizational change are recognized in numerous publications including AG Lafley’s, The Game Changer, I Wish I Worked There!, Fast Company, Business Week, The Hollywood Reporter and Harvard Business Review.


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