Christine Gross-Loh

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Christine lays out the unconscious assumptions we tend to hold about ourselves and the world we live in, and then introduces us to the teachings of Chinese philosophers that challenge those assumptions and offer a fresh perspective on the self, relationships, influence, and creativity in their place.

Christine Gross-Loh, who raised her four American children abroad and interviewed parents and researchers from all over the world, exposes culturally determined norms we in the US have about “good parenting,” and asks, Are there parenting strategies other countries are getting right that we are not? Her book takes us across the globe and examines how parents successfully foster resilience, creativity, independence, and academic excellence in their children. Illuminating the surprising ways in which culture shapes our parenting practices, Gross-Loh offers objective, research-based insight and practical ways to expand our notions of what it means to raise a child well.


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Christine Gross-Loh is a freelance journalist and author who writes about culture, parenting/education, and history for the Atlantic, the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post, Vox, and other outlets. She has a PhD from Harvard University in East Asian history. Her newest book, coauthored with Harvard professor Michael Puett, is The Path: What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us About the Good Life (April 2016). She is also the author of Parenting Without Borders: Surprising Lessons Parents Around the World Can Teach Us.

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