Art Conroy

Speech Topics

The brain is a pattern-matching machine that generates new ideas using triangles, squares, and circles. Learn to tap into this hidden power of human intuition in six easy steps.

We learn through a four step process of mapping hidden patterns to daily experiences. Learn which patterns matter and why.

Learning to draw simple diagrams can lead to powerful insights and future probabilities. Discover how triangles, squares, and circles help us see what others overlook and accomplish impossible goals.


Art Conroy’s work in Illuminative Thinking began as a graduate student at the University of Southern California in 1982. His experience in predicting the imminent crash of a US Marine Corps helicopter led to a decades long research project to produce a protocol for diagramming prior knowledge in the classroom. The protocol is used extensively in his work with the US government, commercial organizations, and educational institutions. He created the sources and methods for extracting mental models using geometric shapes and then processing those artifacts to produce analytic models of intentional behaviors. You can learn more about the art and science of Illuminative Thinking at

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