Shadi Hamid has written several pieces for The Atlantic, including “The Muslim Brotherhood and the Question of Terrorism,” “Why the Battle for Leadership of the Democratic Party Mattered,” “The American ‘Deep State,’ as a Trump Voter Might See It,” and “How to Stop a Populist,”:

To the relief of most everyone (except his supporters), the far-right politician Geert Wilders lost in the Dutch elections. Or at least he didn’t win, which, by the world’s increasingly low standards for celebration, was seemingly good enough. Wilders’s Party for Freedom, which had made anti-Muslim bigotry its defining message, won around 13 percent of the seats, making it the second-largest party in parliament. The populists may be losing steam, but the bigger, and rather unsexy, lesson is that one of the most effective bulwarks against ethno-nationalists holding power is having the right kind of electoral system. []

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