Brigid has written a profile on the Brookings Institute’s Isabel V. Sawhill, “a longtime proponent of marriage [who] wants to reassess the institution’s future.”

In the turbulent culture wars over sex, love, poverty and the future of the American family, Isabel V. Sawhill, a blunt, influential and formidable voice, has long come down squarely on the side of marriage.

Though she is a Democrat and a former Clinton administration official, Sawhill’s staunch defense of marriage has often put the economist at odds with some thinkers on the left who have dismissed the institution as an oppressive vestige of patriarchy.

Unlike conservatives, who see marriage as sacred and the key to a society based on traditional values, Sawhill based her argument simply on the data, which shows that marriage promotion programs haven’t worked and that children born to married parents tend to fare far better in life than do children in other family arrangements. []

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