Bob Sutton’s latest is The Asshole Survival Guide: How to Deal with People Who Treat You like Dirt

In this most-welcome sequel to Sutton’s bestselling The No Asshole Rule, the author turns from an organization-wide perspective to an individual one, outlining strategies for dealing with difficult people at work. Readers will shake their heads—both in horror and recognition—at Sutton’s real-life examples of egregious behavior. However, Sutton also shares true stories, provided by readers, of successful strategies for thwarting the bullies. The book’s thoughtful, well-ordered structure begins with the topic of determining how bad the problem is. Later, Sutton discusses how to graciously exit a bad workplace. If that’s not an option, then there are tricks for coping, such as the one shared by a West Point cadet who changed her perspective on her hazers’ behavior and came to think of it as ridiculous rather than hurtful. Numerous strategies are provided for decreasing exposure to jerks or mentally excusing oneself when this proves impossible. The final strategy Sutton shares is simply fighting back, while still weighing the consequences of doing so. At the conclusion, Sutton turns the mirror on his readers, urging them to recognize when they behave badly and to stop themselves from contributing to the workplace’s—and world’s—already too large population of assholes. []

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