John Gerzema’s new study and ebook Best Countries: Defining Success and Leadership in the Twenty-First Century is out now via US News. It has been highlighted at that following media outlets:

US News: “Indeed, the top three factors shaping image and future investment in a nation are innovation and entrepreneurship, quality of life and global citizenship. Taken together, they explain more than 57 percent of future gross domestic product (PPP) creation while economic and political power accounted for only 8 percent of the effect on future growth.”
One might argue then that “banks and tanks” have defined a traditional type of power, but people are looking for something more. Among the top 10 Best Countries, Canada ranks No. 2, while Sweden, Australia, Netherlands and Denmark all make the top 10. Taken together they account for less than 25 percent of America’s GDP.

The TelegraphJohn Gerzema, CEO of BAV Consulting, said: “Best Countries is a product of the most extensive data set ever collected on how nations are perceived globally. These perceptions contribute to a greater narrative about future drivers and deterrents of economic prosperity in nations and shape powerful brands that impact a country’s bottom line.”

TODAY“We live in a social, open and interdependent world,” John Gerzema, chairman and CEO of BAV Consulting, said in a statement. “And in this world what we saw that people valued more were things like global citizenship, quality of life and innovation that was creating inclusive prosperity for more people.”

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