Meredith Wadman’s new book has been reviewed at the Wall Street Journal.

In the summer of 1968, the microbiologist Leonard Hayflick loaded a bomb-shaped canister into the back of his secondhand green Buick LeSabre, piled his kids in the car, and drove from the Philadelphia suburbs to his new home on the campus of Stanford University. The canister was filled with 375 tiny glass ampules of frozen human cells, suspended in supercooled liquid nitrogen. Dr. Hayflick’s decision to take them would wreck his academic career and bring him “under the damning cloud of a government investigation announced on page one of the New York Times,” Meredith Wadman writes, in her deeply researched book The Vaccine Race. [ — paywall protected]

Meredith also published a piece at TIME, “Doctors Who Minimize Measles Should Lose Their Licenses.”

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