From Dan Roam:

Since you’re a member of visual-thinking community, I wanted to personally invite you to join me in San Francisco this summer and experience the growing power of pictures in today’s business world. (Register now and receive a $300 early-bird discount.)

I love this two-day master class because it is the real deal for intensive hands-on lessons in the art and science of visual problem-solving. We work through real-world case studies, we work through your challenges, and we do it in-person. Everybody has a chance to share, help, draw, think, and laugh.

Day One [Mon, Aug 15]:
• Why you must now use pictures in business.
• How vision actually works.
• How to draw anything in 3 minutes flat.
• How to solve problems using your visual mind.

Day Two [Tues, Aug 16]:
• How to sell ideas, products, & services using pictures.
• How to draw to win more business, more mind-share, and more more influence.
• How to use pictures to tell your own truth.

Throughout the workshop, I will walk you through the neuroscience of vision combined with lessons from my new brand book, DRAW TO WIN. (The book will be officially published by Penguin on Sept 15, so you will be the first to see it!)

This is your chance to experience the same training I’ve delivered at Microsoft, Deloitte, Google, Boeing, Gap, Siemens, Philips, the United States Senate, and the White House.


I hope to see you in San Francisco! Thanks so much,

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