In Entrepreneur Magazine, Carmine Gallo’s interview with the world-famous pastor reveals “Reveals the 2 Words That Can Motivate You to Pursue Your Dreams.”

For 17 years, pastor Joel Osteen was happy to work behind the scenes, running television production for his dad’s ministry in Houston. Osteen’s dad encouraged him to preach, but Osteen’s head wasn’t in it. He didn’t see himself on stage and his nerves didn’t help. “My personality was low key, behind the scenes. I never pictured myself doing it,” Osteen told me as we sat in the stadium seats at San Francisco’s AT&T Park, less than 24 hours before he would preach to a sold-out crowd of 40,000. “I would have loved to because I saw my dad speak in front of a lot of people. I just didn’t think it was in me.” []

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