Brigid Schulte’s Overwhelmed was recently given a great review by the New York Times.

Much of the ground she covers on her “journey” to answer this question is as well-trodden as the pilgrimage road to Santiago de Compostela, but if anyone still thinks it’s just her, Schulte offers an amply documented reminder that it isn’t. Schulte reports that the “ideal worker” norm prevails in the American workplace: an individual who has no family obligations, no interests that can compete with work — preferably no private life at all. People who don’t measure up to this ideal risk being treated like Kleenex: used up and then tossed aside. She describes the widespread, overt discrimination against people with family responsibilities, and the unconscious bias against caregivers in the job market. One study showed, for example, that mothers seeking entry- and mid-level positions received half the number of job offers that childless women with otherwise identical résumés received. []

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