Brigid Schulte co-creates The Better Life Lab Channel

Brigid Schulte is the director of New America’s Better Life Lab, which today announced The Better Life Lab Channel, a partnership with Slate. The Better Life Lab Channel is launching with a pop-up blog that will explore why striking a good balance between work life and family life seems so unattainable for so many people—and what we as individuals, as organizations, and as policy makers can do about it. The blog will run between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and we hope you’ll join us to share ideas as well as your own stories of struggle and transformation. Read more at Slate.

Read Jay Newton-Small at Slate

Jay Newton-Small has published the piece, “My Mother’s Quiet Burden Was My Father’s Fading Mind.”

If my mother’s death had been the quickest possible, my father’s was the slowest. Once he moved to my house, I quickly realized what my mother had been talking about. He shadowed my every move, often believing that I was my mother. He was up all night looking for her. They had slept together for more than 40 years, and the only time they’d slept apart was when she was mad at him. Now, because I wouldn’t let him sleep with me, he was convinced she was mad at him all the time. When I once relented and let him sleep on the other side of the queen-size bed in the guest bedroom, I awoke to my father spooning me, and that put an end to that. []

10 best companies for working dads

Scott Behson was recently quoted for a feature at CNN on the “10 best companies for working dads.”

“The companies that didn’t have these policies 10-15 years ago have really come around and seen it’s the right things to do and good for business to retain their really good employees,” said Scott Behson, professor of management at Fairleigh Dickinson University and author of “The Working Dad’s Survival Guide: How to Succeed at Work and at Home.” []

SaulPaul named 2017 Austinite of the Year

“The 19th annual Austin Under 40 Awards were handed out Saturday night, with rapper and entrepreneur SaulPaul named 2017 Austinite of the Year. SaulPaul, who inspired the crowd of about 900 attendees with his story of going from four felonies to a 4.0 GPA in college before starting his music career, was a double winner. He also picked up the award in the arts, media and entertainment category. In addition to being a musician, SaulPaul is the founder of ReRoute Outreach, a nonprofit which helps at-risk and under privileged youth discover and develop their artistic and entrepreneurial skill sets.” []

In addition to be named “Austinite of the Year” for 2017, SaulPaul also won the Austin Under 40 Award in th eArts, Media, & Entertainment category. Congrats! []

The Milken Institute’s Global Conference hosting two BrightSight Group speakers

Frances Stroh, author of Beer Money, will be speaking on April 30th, and Pedro Domingos will be in conversation with Alphabet’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt on May 1st.

The Milken Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank determined to increase global prosperity by advancing collaborative solutions that widen access to capital, create jobs and improve health. We do this through independent, data-driven research, action-oriented meetings and meaningful policy initiatives. []