Download Patricia Martin’s annual trends report for 2017 for free

Patricia Martin has just released her trend report for the coming year.

To our endless delight, this marks the 7th issue of the annual Trend Report. This year’s report doubles down on the digital culture. Driverless cars are running stoplights. Amazon delivers packages via autonomous drones. Skype uses real-time translation powered by AI for its video chats. The rise of machine thinking raises the question: Where does human talent fit into the picture? In search of answers, this report looked at the topic of talent across boundaries—art, culture, travel, entertainment, technology, and social enterprise. Next, we looked upward, to people’s aspirations. There we found the emotional depth and exuberance that give this report its heartbeat. You’ll want to know some of what we learned about the aspirations that are motivating people and unlocking opportunity. As technology advances, who will prosper? []

Read Brigid Schulte at Quartz

Brigid Schulte has just begun work on a new series on the behavioral science behind why we work so much, and systems we can design that may be able to help us work better and have time for life.

The problem isn’t policies—it’s culture. Some companies have sought better work-life balance through experiments with flexible work, results only work environments, rotating on-call nights so everyone has predictable time off, or family supportive training for managers.[]

Watch Anna Akbari on CNN

Anna Akbari was a guest on CNN to talk about “How to deal with a year like 2016.”

This year we said goodbye to A-listers, saw sad images of war and heard political divisiveness. Watch above, Anna joins the program at 1:45. Sociologist Anna Akbari tells us ways to cope with depressing news. []

Srinivas Rao to deliver the opening keynote at ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference

Srinivas Rao, author and creator/host of The Unmistakeable Podcast, will be delivering the opening keynote for ASAE’s conference in Orlando this March. Register here.

Opening Keynote, Srinvas Rao of Unmistakable Media, will share how to trust your intuition and make your competition irrelevant by coming up with distinctive ideas that nobody else could do but you. You’ll leave ready to attempt new solutions that haven’t been proven and embrace innovation. []

Michelle Segar at Entrepreneur: “8 Ways You Can Use Science to Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick”

Michelle Segar was interviewed by Entrepreneur for their focus on New Years resolutions.

“Whys,” as described by Michelle Segar, Ph.D, “are the reasons for making those resolutions in the first place.” In other words, these “are the foundation of the entire behavior change process and have a domino effect.” For instance, when you claim that you want start exercising in order to lose weight, that’s not the right ‘why’ because it’s that’s not enough motivate enough for following through with the resolution. []

Michelle also contributed to articles at HuffPo and Self.

AP Interview with Adam Tanner

For the AP’s The Big Story, Adam Tanner was interviewed about “the promise and pitfalls of big medical data in his upcoming book Our Bodies, Our Data.

Question: What’s the worst case scenario for the future?

Answer: The risk is that all of these anonymized profiles which have detailed histories of people become easily identifiable in years to come. Why would you want to re-identify medical data? Perhaps you’re a political opponent of someone and you want to destroy them. Perhaps you’re a romantic rival of someone at work. Perhaps you’re a foreign government that wants to control a legislator. In recent years, we’ve seen a big upswing in medical records theft and hacking. All those kinds of things put more and more information out about us. []

Read Matt Taibbi’s NYT book review of Brave New Weed by Joe Dolce

Joe Dolce’s Brave New Weed has been reviewed in the New York Times by author and journalist Matt Taibbi.

On the same evening Donald Trump became the president-elect, four states — California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada — voted to legalize recreational marijuana, and three others voted to allow it for medicinal purposes. It was one of the few things liberals weren’t depressed about. Should the legalization trend not be challenged by the new Trump administration, a huge new industry surrounding the care, consumption and enjoyment of weed will hit the cultural mainstream. “Brave New Weed,” a loving rethink of all things marijuana by the former Details editor in chief Joe Dolce, is likely to be a trusted hitchhiker’s guide to this new universe. [NYTimes]

Tim David writing at HuffPo now

Check out Tim David’s profile at The Huffington Post for all his articles. Most recently he wrote a piece called, “Confident or Cocky? How Others See You.”

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” asked the interviewer. “I’ll have your job in three,” replied the millennial applicant. Confidence is a good thing, but this wasn’t confidence. It was arrogance. This is a true story I heard from an attendee of one of my leadership seminars. Needless to say, he didn’t get the job. In fact, the interview ended right there. “Thank you very much. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” This is a balance so many people struggle with – How can you have confidence without being seen as cocky or arrogant? []