From Reuters:

The poll, conducted since 1999, surveyed 25,800 U.S. adults from Dec. 11 to Jan. 12 on the reputations the “most visible” corporate brands. John Gerzema, CEO of the Harris Poll, told Reuters in an interview that the likely reason Apple and Google fell was that they have not introduced as many attention-grabbing products as they did in past years, such as when Google rolled out free offerings like its Google Docs word processor or Google Maps and Apple’s then-CEO Steve Jobs introduced the iPod, iPhone and iPad. []

And via the Washington Post:

“John Gerzema, chief executive of Harris Insights, attributed Apple’s and Google’s slide to a failure to deliver big products that fit into people’s everyday lives. Consumer sentiment toward companies is often cyclical, he said, and for tech it is closely tied to what products come out that year. While Apple and Google released many products, including Apple’s iPhone X and Google’s Home Mini and Home Max, the poll indicates those gadgets didn’t seem to resonate with the average person. “The story for me this year is that tech has got to provide utility and be tangible,” Gerzema said. “Apple had a down year on innovation — from the Apple Watch to a really expensive X phone for $1,000.” []

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